Join us outside at 10:00am at our Church Campus! For the rest of September, join us after service for a hang out time with a food truck. Bring your dollars and catch up with friends!

Not ready to be back in person? We're always streaming on our Online Campus as well.


We're having Church Outside through the end of September and there's plenty of room for you!

Grab a chair and come sit in front of the stage. Don’t feel comfortable wearing a mask or want extra distance? We’ve got you covered in your car! Tune in your radio to 90.5 FM.

When service is over, you can exit or join us over by the Main Entrance for our End of Summer Food Truck hangout.

During our 50-60 minute services you can expect:


Kids Corner (parents bring kids 3+ over to the office entrance and we do a 5 minute object lesson and pass out activities for during the message)




There are some who are not ready to be back in public yet and we get that. That's why online services will stay mostly the same, just with a new name and time. If you attend online, you are part of our Online Campus, streaming at 10:00am on Sundays. You are still part of our church and we want you to feel Welcome Home, at home.


We are inviting the whole family into our services! On Sunday morning, there is a 10:00am outdoor services open to everyone in your household, together in one place. 

In compliance with the law, we ask that everyone wear a cloth face covering. If you do not have one, we will have them available in service. If you have a health concern with masks or do not feel comfortable, you can participate drive in style, listening through your radio.


I have kids. What will church be like for them?

We’re so glad you’re bringing your kids! Though we cannot offer Kids Church or the nursery at this time, we are loving interacting with them during Kids Corner. After worship, you and your children will be dismissed to Kids Corner, located by the Office Entrance. There, a teacher will lead the kids through a 5 minute object lesson, pass out a small snack, and an activity packet for them to use during the message.

After service, hang out with other families outdoors! As always, keep a close eye on your little ones, as we are in/near a parking lot.

Will people be wearing face masks?

In compliance with the law, we are asking that those 5 and older wear a cloth face covering. If you do not have one, we will have them available in service. If you have health issues that keep you from wearing a face covering, feel free to stay in your vehicle - the service is streaming over 90.5 FM!

Will I be required to shake hands with people?

Nope! In fact, part of social distancing requirements are that we do not touch one another during service. And for a church of huggers like us, this will be a change! We’ll all be doing our best to respect the guidelines and find new ways to greet each other.

How am I supposed to know what to do? The rules have changed. Will it be awkward?

Everything is awkward these days! But we’ll do our best to make things easy on you. Pay special attention to posted signs, as they will help you navigate new guidelines. 

Will I be able to talk to people after church?

Spending time with others is some of the most special times we get at church. On Sundays, we will have an outdoor hangout space for you to spend time with others after church. 



Keeping our community healthy is of the utmost importance. We are asking that anyone who has experienced illness, including a fever of over 100.4, who has had Covid 19 like symptoms, or been in contact with someone with Covid 19 not attend service. 

Protective Gear

In compliance with Washington State law, we are asking that all in the appropriate ages wear face coverings. If you do not have one, we will have them available in service.

Social Distancing

While on the church campus, all attendees will be expected to adhere to social distancing guidelines. The chairs in our meeting rooms and outdoors will be arranged to create comfortable distance for all in attendance. 


We are aiming to make the service as touch free as possible. Doors will be propped open, hand sanitizer stations will be positioned around the building, and disinfectant wipes will be on hand for high touch surfaces.

Cleaning Team

Our staff is creating a team specifically for cleaning before, during, and after services. Midweek, we will be continuing to practice deep cleaning.

Read the Signs

There will be specified entrances for each service, in-doors and out-doors for our meeting rooms, and safety measures posted. Paying special attention to posted signs will make the process as smooth as possible!

Washington State Guidelines

All measures are seeking to be in compliance with the Washington State guidelines, which change regularly. Learn more here.