We are committed to fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus by following His example to love, mend, train and send people out -- into our communities and to the ends of the earth. We do this in partnership with fellow believers  -- in prayer, relationship, and financial support -- not only here in the Pacific Northwest (through local missionaries and local outreaches like Back to School Jam and Holiday Hope), but also in places all over the world like Thailand, the United Kingdom, Columbia, Haiti, the MENACA region, and Kenya. 

Our missions team is taking a more active role in the lives of our missionaries and we ask that you consider partnering with us. To watch our missionaries' full stories, click here. 

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local missions

  • rich + christa clark

    Rich + Christa Clark are a blended family and thriving couple living right here in Tacoma, Washington. They've been volunteering in the marriage + relationship space for over a decade and have recently come on board with FamilyLife as full-time local missionaries. Both Rich + Christa were previously married and experienced divorces they didn't want. They know the pain and ripple effect of the trauma that divorce brings. The Clarks want to help everyone they can, not only avoid the tragedy they experienced, but have a thriving marriage full of JOY! Their mission with Familylife is to strengthen marriages and families in a culture that's losing hope. They want to raise up the foundation of many generations, in Jesus' name. (Isa 58:12)

  • family renewal shelter

    Family Renewal Shelter (FRS) is a program that focuses on helping domestic violence victims (women (and even men) and their child(ren)) in abusive situations to find safety and freedom by fleeing their perpetrators and going into hiding. Founded in 1986, FRS provides first responder emergency services to those in fear of being killed or seriously injured by their intimate partners. Once in the safety of FRS's peaceful refuge, they can begin to feel safe and loved. Not being forced to live in daily survival mode allows critical thinking, planning, and even dreaming to return. They can then develop their personal safety and relocation plan with the help of advocates.  

  • youth for christ

    Youth for Christ seeks to reach young people everywhere, working together with the local church and other like-minded partners to raise up lifelong followers of Jesus who lead by their godliness in lifestyle, devotion to the Word of God, and prayer. They have a passion for sharing the love of Christ and a commitment to social involvement. 

global missions


    Pritchard (Prit) + Dana live in Haiti serving with Rehoboth Ministries. As of this January, they will have served in Haiti for 40 years. They were sent out from their local church in North Carolina and moved to Port-au-Prince to teach in a Christian Day-school. Since 1988, four churches have launched with elementary schools, three of which have a feeding program (which means every school day students get to enjoy a hot meal), thanks to the generous aid of the Orphans Promise Ministry. Additionally, there is a 4-year Leadership Training Institute which has graduated eleven classes of students. 


    Shan + Lindsey and their two girls live in Thailand where they are church planters in Chiang Mai. They have served as directors of a children's home for many years before stepping out and planting a church in the city. In a country that is 90% Buddhist, they have a growing, multi-generational church that is making an impact, especially among youth and university students within the city. 

  • IAN + Jen Gooch

    Ian + Jen live in the United Kingdom where Ian is the lead pastor of Full Life Church. Founded in 2000, Full Life Church is a family church that desires to engage and equip people of all ages. Their heart is to see lives transformed by the radical and exciting, life-changing message of the Bible and that church becomes what it should be — enthusiastic, relevant, and relational.

  • joey*

    Joey is part of the Bonjour Jesus team. She believes that France is a strategic gateway to the Muslim world, by which the Gospel can be spread to the MENACA (Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia) region. When Joey isn’t in French language classes or ministering to those she has met in France, you can find her doing admin work for the MENACA region. She works closely with the regional coordinators to assist them in fulfilling their role of training, supporting, and caring for those serving in the MENACA region. Joey has a heart for leading teams to the region and seeing them grow in understanding and love for the MENACA people.

    *Name has been changed to protect the privacy of our missionary.

  • Agape Children's Ministry

    Agape Children's Ministry is passionate  about the reconciliation of children to God and to their families through the transformational love of Jesus. Agape rescues children living on the streets or other at-risk situations, provides rehabilitation though individualized counseling and spiritual care, then places children back into their communities while discipling and encouraging the family through consistent social worker visits.

  • aaron + Francis hunter

    Aaron + Francis, along with their four children, currently reside in Columbia. Aaron currently serves as the global associate director for the Americas which encompasses over 25,000 Foursquare churches in over 31 nations and territories across North + South America. Aaron has previously worked amongst the NextGen population and has a heart to raise up young leaders.

  • Kurt*

    Kurt is an Emissary caring for our international workers, so they might flourish long term in their calling. Kurt and his wife serve and encourage workers so that remaining in MENACA (Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia) long-term can be a reality. Their heart is that workers would live abundantly. Kurt and his wife often travel doing cultural Immersion trips to the MENACA region. They take people into some of the least reached nations in the world and aspire to teach about cultures, countries, and opportunities that are happening. For more information on Cultural Immersion Trips click here.

    *Name has been changed to protect the privacy of our missionary.


There are two ways you can partner with us as we come alongside these ten missionaries and the organizations they are a part of. First, we ask that you join us in praying for our missionaries, their families, and those with whom they work. Second, we ask that you take some time over the next few weeks to pray about supporting our missionaries in a financial way. Once you've spent time in prayer, we ask that you take a moment to fill out the pledge card (either online or in person). This will help us determine our overall missions budget for this next year.

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