To LOVE and accept you just as you are, for what you are, no matter where you are. Our love for you is unconditional, and we want to surround you with the sense of acceptance and belonging we have found in Jesus.

To MEND and restore you from any hurt, distortion, fear, torment, or imbalance in the way you think, feel, or choose to live. Jesus loves us where we are and takes us to where we are designed to live.

To TRAIN and instruct you in the many ways that God thinks, feels, and moves—as revealed in the Bible—so that you can better understand and obey the way of life Jesus has taught. It is called the Kingdom of God.

To SEND and release you into the particular course of life and ministry service that God has chosen for you. Jesus has uniquely gifted you for your assignment, and the whole body benefits most when each part is encouraged to be themselves.


We believe in coming as you are

We believe in authentic relationships

We believe in a simple presentation of the Good News

We believe that young people have the same size Jesus as adults

We believe in knowing God and loving people