Building + Missions Update

As we’ve continued to move forward in our unification as one church body, you may remember that we gathered a counsel of people together to determine which building we’d ultimately call home — the one on Tacoma Mall Boulevard, or the one we’re currently in on 56th Street. In an unanimous decision it was decided we’d begin our new chapter as one church at the 56th Street location. Once this decision was made, we began to pray that another church would purchase the Trinity Church building in order to continue to further Christ’s Kingdom. We are excited to tell you this process has begun! City Central Church has been searching for a building that suited their needs for years, and after an initial walk-thru, fell in love with it. In seeking confirmation from the Lord, Pastor Lance asked God what amount the property should be sold for. He wrote the number down and tucked it away without showing anyone. In the meantime, Chris Hippe, Pastor of City Central, asked God what amount he should offer to purchase the property. Can you believe the numbers matched — God is so faithful.

City Central is currently leasing the Trinity property with the intent to purchase it. They had their first service in August and are busy making it their home. We are still working through the legal aspects of selling the property, however, we are anticipating the sale will be finalized by the end of 2021. 

Things at Trinity were separated into four categories: items of use to our unified congregation, items City Central wanted to keep, donations, and trash. Everything has now been dispersed. 

Trinity mission partners will continue to be supported through December at their full pledges. There was a $20,000 shortfall in Trinity mission’s offerings. In the early spring, a missions pledge was taken, and the church was able to collect $22,000. Our Missions Pastor, Chad Isenhart, has contacted each missions partner. We look forward to Mission’s month in October. Please begin praying about what it might look like for you to partner with us in supporting our missionaries.

Trinity financial accounts have all transitioned to Puget Sound Foursquare. The sale of the Trinity property will help to not only pay off all debts attached to Trinity Corporation, but also will go toward paying down the debt at our current building on 56th Street. Any other decisions in regards to monies will be vetted through the Church Council. 

Though this transition process has been full of unexpected challenges and solutions, we have seen God’s mighty hand at work in blending our two church families into one. We are discovering how we fit together as one family — and we’re excited at the continued opportunities to grow while sending loved, mended, and trained people out — to our homes, to our neighborhoods, and to the world.

Thank you to everyone who has diligently prayed through this unification. We believe the best is yet to come!