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Now that the dissolution has passed, how does this affect Trinity’s giving?

You can now begin giving to Puget Sound Foursquare. There are three ways to do this:

    1. Use the Puget Sound Foursquare Envelopes on Sunday Morning and enclose cash

or check. Make checks payable to Puget Sound Foursquare.

    2. Visit and click on the “give now”

button. You can use Credit/Debit or ACH here. (Please note, ACH ensures that your entire donation goes to the church, there are zero banking fees when choosing this option

    3. Download the Church Center App (this gives you access to all the things at Puget Sound Foursquare. Here’s how to get it:

         1. Search for Church Center App (Use the Play Store for Android users + App Store for iPhone users)

         2. Choose Puget Sound Foursquare

         3. Click Give on the bottom menu list. Rest assured, all of your giving to both Puget Sound Foursquare and    Trinity Church will be recorded for your year-end statement.

How does the governance of Puget Sound Foursquare operate?

Puget Sound Foursquare falls under the governance of the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel (ICFG). ICFG utilizes a “modified Episcopal” form of church governance. This means that there is no one person who holds unlimited authority. Additionally, it means that leaders should not be forced to dilute vision until it appeals to a committee, nor are they voted into position by church members. Leaders are appointed to positions within the church and are allowed to make honest mistakes as they grow. There are clear boundaries placed around each leader’s freedom by a framework of bylaws, articles of faith, and oversight by others. At a local level, Foursquare has a District supervisor, Dave Edler, who oversees the Northwest District. Within Puget Sound Foursquare, there is a Church Council comprised of members of the congregation. The Church Council’s role is to meet monthly to oversee the church’s finances. The church staff determines the spiritual direction of the church alongside the leadership of Pastor Lance.

What’s happening with the Trinity Property?

The Trinity Property is being legally transferred to the ICFG. After this step is complete, a Facility Transition Team (made up of five people from Trinity and five people from Puget Sound Foursquare) will determine what the next steps will be.

What is the plan for the missionaries that Trinity supports?

Trinity supports eleven missionaries for a total of $5375.00 per month. Over the past year, the Trinity Missions giving has fluctuated from $2000.00-$3500.00 per month, creating a monthly shortfall. Trinity supplemented this giving from the Missions Fund, which had an excess of funding from prior years; however, the Missions Fund has been spent down and can no longer cover the shortfall.

Historically, Trinity has had a missions month each October and a budget for missionaries has been set based on these pledges. In order to sustain our current missionaries until this year’s missions month in October (Puget Sound Foursquare will be adopting this method), we will be inviting everyone from our new combined congregation to give a special gift. We would like to raise $20,000. If you would like to give, visit and choose Missions Gift. Or you can mail a check to 4020 S. 56th St. Ste. 210 Tacoma, WA 98409 made to Puget Sound Foursquare with a note that says, “Missions Gift”. We will ensure this gift gets funneled to Trinity missionaries.

What is Puget Sound Foursquare’s stance on diversity within the congregation?

Puget Sound Foursquare remains committed to diversity within the congregation. We believe each people group is a facet of who God is, and we desire a more complete picture of Him. We also want Puget Sound Foursquare to be representative of South Tacoma by looking more like it. We do this by intentionally engaging the South Tacoma community, gathering volunteer representation from diverse populations (from greeting to on-stage presence), and creating media content that is diverse in nature. We have a long way to go, but remain committed to the process. This process includes diversity training and having honest and difficult conversations surrounding the area of race and ethnicity.

What are the local outreaches planned for the remainder of the year?

One of the community events our churches have both enjoyed in the past, is Back to School Jam. This is on the calendar again for Saturday, August 28, and will be led by Pastor Steve Allen, Jasmyn Grimes, and Christina Jones. Additionally, we will have two other outreaches: the annual Halloween Party and Holiday Hope. Halloween is hosted here at our church and, in the past, has brought up to 1,000 to our building. Holiday Hope is done in partnership with four local schools and serves upwards to 40-45 families. These families are sponsored and provided gifts by having a “shopping” day at Puget Sound Foursquare.

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