The mission of Puget Sound Foursquare is send loved, mended and trained people out. For nearly 40 years, our church has had a unique calling and focus on developing young leaders and releasing them into ministry.

This fall, we are relaunching a cornerstone of our ministry as a church: Sound Interns.


Our interns find a strong sense of community in friendship with one another and joining our staff in leading our church. We have designed a program to fit alongside a school or work schedule, while also giving adequate time to the intensive hands-on training offered.

25-30 hours per week  / 3 full days a week

Sunday, Tuesday + Thursday


We are committed to bringing Biblical training, mentorship, leadership development and ministry opportunities.


Once a week, interns will go through the Leadership Institute, digging deep into the Bible, doctrine, personal growth and church leadership principles.

Class will be facilitated by staff members, through teaching and video material.

Just a few examples of what we’ll be learning:

Foursquare Doctrine

Quarterly book studies

Discovering Your Identity

Pentecostal Church History


True life change happens in the context of relationships.

Every intern will be assigned a staff mentor to walk with them throughout the course of the internship. In addition, each intern will receive confidential Pastoral Care Counseling.


As an intern you will get to serve with at least 3 departments during your internship.

Departments Include

Administration    .    Communications    .    Connections    .    Events    .    Facilities

First Impressions    .    Graphic Design    .    Kids    .    Outreach    .    Worship    .    Youth


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