We're Better Together

For the past several months, God has been stirring the hearts of the Elders of Trinity Church to the possibility of “uniting” with Puget Sound Foursquare. With great awareness of the responsibility of spiritual leadership, the Elders at Trinity Church, and Puget Sound Foursquare’s leadership, believe that unifying the two churches is the best next step for the Kingdom of God, the city of Tacoma, and our congregations. We believe this unanimously and with deep conviction!

What does it look like to unite together?

Trinity Church and Puget Sound Foursquare (Sound Foursquare) will unite as one congregation in 2021. We will combine our assets, and together we will join under the leadership of Sound Foursquare. As Trinity Church and Sound Foursquare come together, we will use Sound Foursquare’s statement of faith and policies as its governing documents.

Why are we uniting as one?

The discussion between Trinity and Sound Foursquare began in late October 2020 and has involved MUCH prayer and interaction. We believe the meld fits into Trinity and Sound Foursquare’s vision for Tacoma: To send loved, mended, and trained people out into a world that desperately needs to know the love of our Savior. Coming together will allow us to join forces in Tacoma to reach the city for Christ. As leadership, we know that the Church belongs to God, and above all else, we want to serve Him. And we believe that we will be better together.

Will our denomination or affiliations change?

Trinity is not currently affiliated with a specific denomination, but rather it partners with MFI (Ministers Fellowship International), an organization that exists to support the church’s Pastoral structure. However, Puget Sound Foursquare is part of a denomination called the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel. As Trinity unites with Sound Foursquare, it will dissolve its partnership with Ministers Fellowship International and integrate into the Foursquare denomination.

Are there doctrinal differences between Trinity Church and Puget Sound Foursquare?
Trinity’s Doctrinal beliefs align with Foursquare’s Doctrinal beliefs. For more on Foursquare doctrine, click here.

Who will preach each Sunday?

Pastor Lance Powers will remain Lead Pastor of Puget Sound Foursquare and lead our union by preaching regularly and providing pastoral leadership into the future. Occasionally the teaching team, made up of Pastoral Staff and Missionaries, will preach. Pastor Lance will be preaching at both locations much of February and March 2021.

What are the steps in concluding this joining together?

Trinity Church will hold a special congregational meeting after service on February 21, and a Confirmational vote to join with Sound Foursquare will be taken and recorded. We anticipate meeting together regularly as one church beginning March 28 (dependent on Covid-19 restrictions).

Moving forward, what building will we be meeting in? What about staff, volunteers, and supported missionaries?
There are many, many details still being worked on, and we do not take these decisions lightly. We care about each of you, how all these decisions affect you, and how they affect your family. These questions are being regularly discussed and prayed about. We are also seeking outside counsel in the form of a mediator who is assisting us to successfully integrate our two congregations. We commit to keeping you informed as more of these decisions are made.