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If My people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

2 Chronicles 7:14


Why should I fast? 

Simply put, fasting is an active pursuit of breakthrough. 

Fasting and prayer are 2 ways the Holy Spirit can transform your life, waking you up to a vitality you may have once had earlier in your Christian journey or would like to experience for the first time.

Much like the shoulder on a road or margins in a book, God created space in our lives. In our attempt to make things happen and control where we are going and how we will get there, it is too easy to fill that space. Fasting encourages us to reveal that intended space and increase our passion for God and enjoyment of Him. Fasting is not so much about a momentary commitment, but a lifestyle with the excitement of getting to experience God.

What is fasting?

Fasting is setting aside something in your life that you hunger for and that may have gotten in the way of your relationship with God. While this is most commonly thought of as food, it may be something that has taken a greater place in your day and heart than it was intended to. Whatever you decide to fast, you will now have more time to re-align your heart with God.


Worshipping is taking our eyes off of ourselves and lifting them up to God, speaking the greatness of who He is out loud, over every circumstance. It is the least selfish act on earth!

During this Day of Prayer, make worship the backdrop. When your mind wanders in your hour (which it will - you're a human), having worship in the background gets you refocused. It's like having a river of worship flowing through your day, allowing you to jump in at any time!

Looking for a place to start? We've got you.


12:00 am  |  Wisdom for leaders in the church

1:00 am  |  Those who are ill with Coronavirus and their families

2:00 am  |  Those who feel isolated and unseen

3:00 am  |  Global and local economy

4:00 am  |  National leadership

5:00 am  |  Our church and neighborhood’s kids and youth

6:00 am  |  Schools in the Tacoma area

7:00 am  |  Racial injustices and tension in America

8:00 am  |  Depth of community and connection for our church

9:00 am  |  Salvations and revival in our city/surrounding areas - repentance

10:00 am  |  God’s hand in the coming election

11:00 am  |  Statewide leadership

12:00 pm  |  Tacoma and Pierce County Leadership

1:00 pm  |  Missionaries

2:00 pm  |  Breaking of addictions formed prior to isolation and those born out of this time

3:00 pm  |  People negatively affected by the shutdowns - unemployment, food insecurity, etc.

4:00 pm  |  Growth in discipleship and deep connect with God for every person in our church

5:00 pm  |  Essential workers

6:00 pm  |  Unity in the Body of Christ in North America

7:00 pm  |  Reopening of the church - safety, wisdom, depth of ministry

8:00 pm  |  Mass Media, Cultural and Social Services

9:00 pm  |  Global revival - mass repentance

10:00 pm  |  Foursquare leadership (Foursquare President Elect Randy Remington is being installed on Sunday)

11:00 pm  |  Healing of the Coronavirus Pandemic


Though an hour may sound like a long time, you'll be surprised at how quickly an hour will go when you have the right tools. As you get started, make sure you have your basics - the Bible, a good worship playlist (we have one available, just scroll up!), a notebook, and some room to move. Prayer is a full body expression, so don't be afraid to break out of your seat and walk around! 

Many people find that a loose agenda helps to guide them when they run out of ideas on their own. Here are some jumping off points! Use them to build your hour or go outside the box. Whatever draws you deeper into prayer and the presence of Jesus is the right thing.


5 minutes of worship

5 minutes of asking forgiveness and repenting of sin

5 minutes for family by name

5 minutes of prayer for our church + Foursquare - this Sunday we are installing a new President of our movement

5 minutes of prayer for our city

10 minutes on Hour Prayer Focus - check the chart

5 minutes for leaders of our state and nation

5 minutes of reading scripture out loud, declaring the greatness of God (here’s a great jumping off point)

5 minutes of prayer for God's healing hand on the pandemic

5 minutes of prayer for people to meet Jesus like never before - revival

5 minutes of thanking God what He’s done and praying for sealing up the time